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Empowering & Everchanging women

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

In our modern society, ‘Entrepreneur’, is a concept widely followed by self-growth and establishment. People have wonderful ideas that can bring efficiency and benefits to society, where advancements of technology and implemented ideas come in hand. How do these ideas emerge? Who thinks of revolutionary concepts that can bring a holistic change?

The answer lies not in someone’s gender, but in an individual’s mind. Female entrepreneurs have been successful over the past century in discovering, experimenting, learning, and empowering the community that gender shouldn’t pose as an obstacle in the path of success. The goal is to erase the stigma that has been perpetuated in the community, and women have been successful in showcasing their capability to the world with their brilliant minds. 

Kalpana Chawla, a woman renowned for her space travel, was an astronaut who served NASA. She aimed at reaching beyond the planet and made it all the way to the stars and is thus known as the first Indian-American who initiated space travel. As a fearless, young woman, she dedicated her time to learn more about what lies beyond the planet and chose to stick to her path despite all the issues she came across. She passed away sadly on her return back to earth and is known for her excellency in the past decades. 

Another female entrepreneur, Michelle Obama, is a powerful figure who portrayed her passion through her services in helping others. ‘Becoming’ is a memoir she wrote implying that nothing can stop one's interest, not a race, not color, and not gender. As one of the most influential women of the era, her power to advocate for individual rights is truly inspiring and helping female leaders rise with a similar motive. 

Everyone faces triumphs and defeats, never just one to help them become the person they are today, the voice of women has uplifted several messages, and continues to strive, motivating others. A scientifically proven fact suggests that women have a better capability to multitask when compared to men, but why is it that women are still being downgraded in small rural areas? That ideology needs to change, and equality needs to be looked upon, women are rising, innovating, building, teaching, serving the army and air force, and facing the impeccable, and they will continue to strive in their designated fields, changing the world for the better. 

~ I want every girl to know that her voice can change the world~     - Malala Yousafzai  


  • Obama, Michelle. Becoming. Penguin, 2019.

First Author: Varshini Ganesh

Second Author: Raluca Narita

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