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Student Organizations

Win STEM at UT Dallas

How to Start a Chapter of Win STEM at Your School!

Current Student Organizations

If you are a student at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) or the University of North Texas (UNT), you are eligible to join these student-led chapters of the Win STEM Foundation. Each organization hosts a variety of different events, including panels, guest speakers, mock interview weeks, socials, volunteer events, fundraisers, and more! Joining these student organizations is free of charge and allows you the opportunity to apply for Win STEM scholarships, which are usually offered at least once a school year. If your school (high school, college, or university) does not have a Win STEM student organization, you can start your own chapter of the nonprofit!

What You'll Need to Register Your School Chapter of Win STEM

1) Register the student organization as a nonprofit with the IRS to receive an EIN. The organization name should follow this format: "Win STEM at [insert school name]".

2) Find a faculty member willing to serve as an advisor for the organization. The advisor may choose to be as involved in the organization as they so desire.

3) Find 2+ students for the purpose of creating the Win STEM officer team for the student org. The first three roles of the organization that should be filled are the roles of President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Additional roles may be added as needed.

4) Create a Constitution for the student organization. A copy of an older Constitution of the Win STEM at UT Dallas organization is available here.

5) Create a nonprofit bank account with a bank near you. Establishing the account as a nonprofit bank account instead of a sole proprietorship account makes the officer transition process proceed more smoothly.

6) Create social media accounts (an Instagram at minimum) for the student organization. 

7) Check your school website to see if there are any additional requirements to start an organization on campus.

How the Win STEM Foundation Will Support You

  • The cost of registering the nonprofit with the IRS will be fully reimbursed. 

  • You will be provided up to $200 as a starting amount in the new bank account that you start for the student organization.

  • We will provide a $500 scholarship that your organization members can apply for (exclusively) each semester. You may request larger scholarship amounts after your first year of being registered as a student organization.

  • You may reach out to Raluca Narita at with any specific questions and additional support on how to start and successfully run a local chapter of Win STEM.

Organizational Requirements

Interested in Starting a Student Org?

Start a Chapter of Win STEM at your school today! Get in touch so we can start working together.

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