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Raise Money for Women in STEM by Purchasing Dark Magic, a Paranormal Fantasy Novel

We are excited to announce a partnership with Underworld Publishing House LLC. For every copy of Dark Magic purchased, 99 cents will be donated to the Win STEM Foundation.

What is Dark Magic about?

Dark Magic is a paranormal fantasy novel and the first installment of The Chronicles of the Underworld.

The Goddess of Death, the Grimm Brothers, and the Devil collide in a thrilling new paranormal fantasy series.

Primrose Titan is the Goddess of Death, an ancient deity who reaps the souls of the dead and rules the Underworld. All life ends with death, and in death, there is no happiness. Primrose knows this better than anyone, and her heavy responsibility has twisted her reality, purging her of all feelings for humans-or so she believes.

When the Demon King Lucifer escapes his prison in Hell and threatens chaos on the human world, Primrose must hunt him down. The High Court, a council of deities, is skeptical Primrose can handle Lucifer on her own and appoints the handsome yet icy Atlas Grimm, one of the fabled Grimm Brothers, to assist her. Strange, dark magic and supernatural creatures sent from the Devil himself stand in their way, along with political enemies acquired over the millennia.

Editorial Reviews

"The action has a cinematic quality, full of magic fire and ice, sword fights, and even a big battle between armies, adding a larger-than-life element to the emotional conflicts and political posturing of gods and monsters." —Kirkus Reviews

"Ending on a most infernal cliffhanger that will have urban fantasy fans eager for more, Narita's assured debut offers a complex, compelling heroine, a vividly inventive contemporary world of gods and Brothers Grimms, and the generous abundance of mysteries and engaging characters that it takes to launch a successful series." ―BookLife

"Multiple layers of deceit, betrayal, and interactions with dangerous creatures enhance the development of a well-paced drama about a power struggle between the gods." ―Rose L. Geer-Robbins, author of The Writer and the Librarian

"A good choice for lovers of paranormal and mythological fiction." ―Mimie Odigwe, Readers' Favorite

"Penned by Raluca Narita, this thrilling plot sees conceptual and well-known figures like Lucifer collide with new inventions and fantastic fantasy lore in a world where Hell is real indeed." ―K.C. Finn, author of The Mind's Eye

Why purchase Dark Magic?

We've partnered with the Underworld Publishing House to raise money for Women in STEM! For each purchase of Dark Magic, 99 cents will be donated to the Win STEM Foundation. This money goes directly towards scholarships for women pursuing STEM careers and helps facilitate events, workshops, and information sessions that build skills and create connections to succeed in the STEM field.

Where can I purchase Dark Magic?

Dark Magic can be found on Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Thrift Books, and more! The links are included below.

Win STEM is a public charity. We are always open for donations. As of recent, we are also fundraising for our Scholarship Fund. Check out our home page to find out more. #winstem

Check out our Instagram: @win_stem

June 20, 2023

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