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“Dear Future Engineer”

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

From innovating to building machines and structures with immaculate designs, engineering is a very important field that serves a vital role in the society we reside in. Today’s blog covers the engineering workshop that occurred during the period of the covid pandemic, and the workshop occurred on a virtual platform for all students who are interested in pursuing a career in Engineering, whether it is civil or mechanical or electrical, and many others. This workshop event is also open to the general community (high school students, students that attend other Universities or Colleges, etc…) and is NOT exclusive to UT Dallas students.

Meet Aurelia Dinulescu

Aurelia Dinulescu is a software engineer at Ericsson. She graduated from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest in Romania and studied Electronics and Telecommunications. As a female engineer from a foreign country, Aurelia has faced a variety of different challenges including English as a second language, four relocations, and finding a family-work balance. Aurelia has managed to successfully raise her family and advance her career in engineering.

Her first job was as a pc operator while working on her engineering degree in Romania. After she received her degree she worked as an administrator of a small computer network followed by a system engineer position with a paging company while teaching part-time programming techniques as a lecturer engineer. She relocated to Bucharest where she worked as a network engineer for a joint venture telecommunication company. She and her family relocated to the United States and are now situated in Dallas, Texas. Moving to a completely new country is a difficult process that requires flexibility and determination. To maintain a job as an engineer in Texas, she had to adapt very quickly to the new technology, and way of working and become fluent in a 2nd language. Despite the obstacles in her path, Aurelia impressed many of her employers with her ideas and skills.


Aurelia inspired several students during this workshop, by answering a live Q&A session and offering lifestyle advice about balancing her career and family. Some common examples Mrs. Dinulescu provided during the workshop are as follows:

1. Build your portfolio: Showcase all your experiences to develop and get involved in various types of engineering projects and gain more exposure to the field of interest.

2. Get a mentor to host your own project or be involved in a project that has great potential, and build your networking skills.

3. Embrace your new opportunities and do not be afraid to take on a task: higher-level projects with executives may be a little nerve-racking at first, but the more we succeed in higher areas of the field, the more exposure and experience we can earn. Do not be afraid to fail, as it is all a learning process.

4. Record your results and improve from constructive criticism: Constructive criticism will help us improve the future, so take that in a positive manner and try to see what you can work on, and how it can benefit yourself and others. Do not work on an idea because someone else loves it, do it because you want to create that change and you are truly passionate about it.

5. Aim for your dreams, and never stop aspiring to become what you want to be in the future, spend a good amount of time doing other activities apart from your profession, such as a hobby or spending time with family and friends. Engineering is a vast ocean, and there are several types of engineering majors, so keep exploring and always ask questions to clear your doubts.

There is no set path for taking on an engineering profession, keep exploring but when in doubt, ask away all those curious questions, so you determine your path as you go. Be inspired, and allow your passion and goals to take you further into the universe of engineering.

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